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Professional album originated as high-end wedding albums that were custom made by boutique binderies. These ranged in price from several hundred dollars to thousands. Professional album differed from regular photo book by being hand mounted on thick inner board with real silver halide photo paper used by professional photographers and photo labs.

Regular press photo books are mass produced using inkjet printers and stock papers. You can find them by Googling "photo books". Some have a bigger brand, some no brand, but they are the same type of books. By trade they are known as the "press printed books" because they use the same type of ink, paper, and press print method as magazines and catalogs.

Professional Album differs from regular photo books in having a stronger, tighter, finer, superior core. Don't be fooled by flashy covers. Look inside for binding, color, paper, strength, texture ...

Explore our professional album features below.

Ours Regular

Standard press pages are flimsy and bend out of shape with each opening. Professional album are rigid and meant for rigorous use. Thin pages in press printed books easily wrinkle after light playing from children. Thick professional album pages don't bend so they always retain their shape.

Press printed books are like magazines. They're thin, weightless and lack the solid feeling of a real book. Professional album are built like a brick, they feel robust and their weight carries a crafted feel.

Ours Regular

Standard press printed books lose the image inside the gutter. All professional album however use a layflat design, which gives stunning panoramic views.

Ours Regular

Library Binding

Forget magazine binding

We provide more cover options, used by professional photographers, as well as artistic individuals & taste makers.

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